The Book Theif Essay

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Prologue, Part One Questions: 1. What did Death find painful about his duties? Death couldn’t stand to look at the survivors, or leftover humans. 2. What mistake did Death make at the train line? After taking Werner’s spirit, he stuck around to watch Liesel. He was curious. 3. What tragedy struck Liesel’s family while on board the train? Liesel’s brother, Werner died on their way to Molching. 4. Why were Liesel and her brother supposed to be placed in foster care in January 1939? The foster parents are able to take care of the children better than the mother would. 5. Why did Death think it was foolish for the poor people to escape poverty? 6. Why was the book about grave digging significant to Liesel? She…show more content…
It shows that he is intrigued by the way human’s react to some things. This is surprising because you would consider Death cold and unfeeling. His actions and some of the things he says gives him a human side. III. Metaphor-Metaphor is a suggested or implied comparison between two unlike objects. For example: On the football path, Liesel stood with her Papa and Rudy. Hans Hubermanns wore a face with the shades pulled down. What is being compared? Hans’s face and pulled down shades. What does this reveal about Hans Hubermann’s reaction to the Nazi rally? He doesn’t agree with the way the Nazis are handling things. IV. Irony-Irony refers to the difference between the way things seem to be and the way things are. What was ironic about the first book Liesel “stole”? The book was “stolen” at her brother’s burial and the book was about grave digging. Literary Elements I. Setting- Setting refers to the time and place where the events of a novel occur. What is the setting of The Book Theif?1939-1940’s in Molching, Germany. How does the setting shape the events in the novel? Germany is where Hitler started his Nazi revolution. Without Hitler, this story would not be shaped the way it is. II. Characterization-Compare the characters of Liesel and Rudy. Record the ways they are alike and different. Liesel (differences) Alike Rudy (differences) Lives with foster Both
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