The Book Thief: A Short Story

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This drawing represent the part where Ethan got kidnapped by someone he didn't know. Ethan got kidnapped while he was in the cemetery. He was put into a car that drove off out of the city. The man took Ethan into the woods. Ethan recognized that he was the men who pointed him in the alley days before. The men wanted Ethan cameras and Ethan didn't know why he wanted his camera but the grabbed Ethan's camera of his bag and destroyed. Ethan was terrified his hands were tied, he couldn't do anything, he continued on crying. Moments after Ethan untied his hands by cutting the rope in a sharp rock. Ethan grabbed a shovel and hit the men on his head while he was trying to get his gun out his car. Ethan grabbed the gun and keys from him and throw
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