The Book Thief Book And Book Analysis

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The Book Thief The Book Thief, a thrilling yet sad novel and movie. Both hit the subject of World War II, but somewhat in different ways. One might ask how, being as the movie was based on the book. Well that’s very simple; the director of the movie left out several key factors. In the basic story line, there is a young girl who gets put into a foster home. Throughout the story she makes friends, family, and even begins to befriend a jew. Although there is a war going on throughout Germany, the family manages to keep everyone safe. Then, the worst happens. An unannounced air raid, and it kills almost everyone the young girl loves. She ends up getting put in with the mayor of the town and his wife, and lives a happy life after. Even though the story line is the same, one could argue that leaving out the key aspects changed enough of the story to make a difference. Throughout the movie and the book there are many similarities. For example, the storyline of the two are the same. Throughout the whole movie, it followed the basics of what the book was portraying. Additionally, a major detail of the movie that they could have changed, but left the same was the relationship Liesel had with Papa. If Liesel would not have had a loving relationship with Papa, the whole storyline would have changed. Also, another similarity is that everyone on Himmel Street died, except Liesel. This was a major detail that would have needed to be kept the same, if it was changed the whole

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