The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a story set in Germany during World War 2. This novel follows the life of Liesel Meminger, a girl who develops greatly. With Death as the all knowing narrator of the story, the reader has the ability to see various perspectives. It tells the story of oppression, portrays the power of words, and shows the human ability for kindness or cruelty. I chose to do option four, in which I have chosen important sections from the novel. The first section I have chosen to read is Rudy’s father’s view of the Jesse Owens Incident. “Well?” Rudy panted, bending down and placing his hands on his knees. “I was being Jesse Owens.” He answered as though it was the most natural thing on earth to be doing. There was even…show more content…
The second section I have chosen to include is the time when Liesel steals the book from the fire. The heat was still strong enough to warm her when she stood at the foot of the ash heap. When she reached her hand in, she was bitten, but on the second attempt, she made sure she was fast enough. She latched onto the closest of the books. It was hot, but it was also wet, burned only at the edges, but otherwise unhurt. This part of the novel resembles a point in Liesel’s character in which she was passionate about the things she was feeling - almost as if she was determined to do something about it. As this event occurred, Liesel was filled with anger about her parent’s disappearance. She had recently found out that Hitler had something to do with it, which pushed Liesel to the conclusion that Hitler was not a man to be celebrated. As her hatred for Nazi ideals grew, so did her bravery. The burning of the books relates to other themes in the story as well, it is another example of the power of words. It is a strange idea that something as beautiful and powerful as stories could be used for such a violent and spiteful act. Liesel stealing the book represented a connection between the two groups; the Jewish and the not Jewish, so to speak. It proved that although this act was something that would be frowned upon, Liesel didn’t care what descent the author was, or what religion they were, the only thing that mattered was that they had
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