The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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Throughout history, humanity has had to endure many hardships. To help cope with these misfortune human nature can be observed in the many ways it has evolved in people to help them to withstand the perils that make up a war. In Markus Zusak’s novel The Book Thief, published in 2005, Liesel Meminger must survive the struggles she faces as a result of her life being in the middle of the grips of Nazi Germany. Faced with events like the loss of all her closest loved ones, the Holocaust, discrimination because of her ability to read, and her religion, Liesel’s instincts is forced to develop ways for her to survive. With some help from her new father and the power of word Liesel’s human disposition helps her live through the war. With her…show more content…
There are many factors that people must cope with during the war, but one of the largest aspects is death. Death can affect people in many ways, but most importantly, it saddens individuals, leaving one in need of a way to deal with the pain. For Liesel, when she is on her way to her foster family with her mother and brother, her brother, Werner, suddenly dies after struggling with a cough. After Werner’s passing Liesel must now take this journey by herself, and learn to deal with losing someone extremely close to her. During the burial, a book falls out of one of the gravedigger’s pocket and Liesel is drawn towards the book. This is seen when death states that “as for the girl, there was a sudden desire to read it that she did not even attempt to understand. On some level, perhaps she wanted to make sure her brother was buried right. Whatever the reason, her hunger to read that book was as intense as any ten-year-old human could experience” (Zusak 66). The attraction to the book is a good example of human nature. It can be observed that when someone loses a person that they are dear to, they tend to cling to things they can relate to them. In Liesel’s case she is traveling, thus she would not have much. The fact that the book is at the burial it gives it some significance towards Werner. Reading the book allows Liesel to overcome her inability to read and also gives her some closure towards her brother 's death,

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