The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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Heil Hitler. Behind this statement is a mirage of things. Floods of horrible picture of dying starving Jews in concentration camps, Hitler at the helm at things, committing mass genocide. So how does someone stop a powerhouse such as this? For Liesel, a small girl in Molching, stealing books is her getaway. “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak is a unique book which puts Death into the narrator 's place. And when Death becomes a storyteller, telling the story of Liesel using three colors. Red. White. Black. Death talks to readers about how Liesel steals books as a way to escape reality and along the way learns about the horrible, tyrannical country that she calls home. But by putting Death as the good guy we can look more into the details. It is with this different mindset that allows certain themes to be more recognized. One prevailing theme that occurs frequently was one which readers could see what common, regular citizens were experiencing in a Nazi controlled Germany instead of from a surviving Jew’s point of view. Then as if that wasn’t distinctive enough, readers are able to look through a small child’s view and what she can do to oppose an oppressed country. One example of the theme that was prevalent through the book was one of Liesel stealing books. Though it may seem cowardly to steal books instead to ask or loan them, the use of the word steal makes it so that it seems to be more behind the back of Germany. The quote, “ ...the act of stealing, it triggered the crux

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