The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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Death And His Accordion Throughout The Book Thief, the readers are shown how the characters achieve great things through their will to survive. The readers can see from Liesel, Hans, and Max how this is done. Germany in 1934 was hard to survive due to the bombings and fear. The author, Markus Zusak, writes about the Hubermanns hiding a Jew and how they take care of each other. The theme of reaching great things while surviving becomes very clear through the setting, plot, and characters. In The Book Thief, the setting reveals how people are capable of great things when they are driven to survive. After the bonfire, where the Nazis burned books that went against their message, Liesel exclaimed that she hated the Fuhrer. Hans responded by smacking her across the face because he understood the powerful danger that these words could carry, but he was carrying an even more dangerous secret about his plans to help a Jewish friend hide from the Nazis. “Liesel had no idea that her foster father, Hans Hubermann, was contemplating the most dangerous dilemma a German citizen could face. Not only that, he’d been facing it for close to a year” (Zusak 116). Hans was able to take on this great risk because he valued the promise he made to a friend, and he knew it would be Max’s only hope of surviving. When Death gave a preview of upcoming events at the beginning of the story, he described a scene with Liesel surrounded by disaster, but still holding onto one of the things that helped her

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