The Book Thief Conflict Essay

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In this elaborate story, the setting is Nazi Germany, where Hitler takes over not with violence, but with his words. The main characters in this book are Liesel Meminger, a German girl who has an uncommon need for words; Hans Hubermann, a smoker and her foster-father; Rosa Hubermann, a commanding person and her foster-mother; Max Vandenburg, a Jewish fist fighter; and Rudy Steiner, a boy with the hair the color of a lemon and gangly blue eyes. The main conflict for Liesel, the main character, is that she is caught in the middle of Hitler ruling over Germany and her family was hiding a Jewish man in their basement.

The main occurrence of the book is that Hitler has taken over Germany with his powerful words. With that in mind, her brother has died
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I like this book very much. For example, that he chose Death as the narrator of the book has to be my favorite part. Yet, the quote from page 22 & 23, both indirectly states the plot of the book, but it is speaking of a different event in the book. “AN OBSERVATION: A pair of train guards. A pair of gravediggers. When it came down to it, one of them called the shots. The other did what he was told. The question is what if the other is more than one.” In my opinion, the author, Markus Zusak, has told the reader about the reigning of Hitler over Germany and how Hitler told the public of Germany to believe what he believed and to do as he did. For me, this book was not very difficult to read, but I did not particularly like what happened in the end. However, my favorite part of “The Book Thief” was how the author made vivid explanations of even the simplest of things. Also, my connection to this book was that not everyone survives, but memories will always strive. The rating that I think this book deserves is, from my point of view, four and three fourth-stars. The reason I have selected this, is that it had at least a bit of action on each page to keep you wanting to read
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