The Book Thief: Film Analysis

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The Book Thief is a film directed by Brian Percival, narrated by death, the film is about a nine year old girl called Liesel who is the protagonist of the story she went from being a character that’s angry to a character that deeply loves her family and friends. Hans Hubermann which is Liesel’s foster father he is described as being patient and gentle with Liesel and he was the first person to win her trust, Liesel’s foster known as Rosa Hubermann came across as cold and impatient after she fostered Liesel and Max she became kind and caring. Max Vandenberg went to hide in the Hubermann’s house he was cautious and introverted; when he grew stronger, he had a rage for Hitler which motivated him to stay alive. He understood Liesel’s experience…show more content…
It was displayed early on with Liesel’s younger brother dying it also is shown throughout the entire film at times like war and bombs It’s something that none of the characters could escape from as it’s narrated by death. Quote by the narrator “I guess I should introduce myself properly, but then again you’ll meet me soon enough not before your time, of course I make it a policy to avoid the living” which obviously means that he is going to be showing death in the film. Liesel’s younger brother dies and a lot more other character he also states that he avoids the living which he did in the film by people dying. They used a voice over technique in the beginning when the narrator (death) was talking the film technique was used so the audience can understand it easier and also the feelings and thoughts of the narrator. Death was also shown when Liesel’s younger brother died. They used film techniques by having close ups of Liesel’s younger brother to show detail and also loud sound effects to draw the audience in. The next scene went straight to the burial of her brother which showed loud sound effects leading up to the burial which was to shift the mood and get the audience to have a sense of worry or fear and draw them in. These film techniques were used to entertain, communicate meaning and to produce a particular emotion to an
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