The Book Thief

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Matthew Zeppieri
Mr. Kilgallin
AP English Language
8 August 2012
The Book Thief Questions
In the first chapter, I discovered who the narrator was on page 21. It specifically was revealed when the narrator is talking about the dead brother of Liesel Meminger saying, “It was exactly when I knelt down and extracted his soul, holding it limply in my swollen arms” (21). revealing the narrator’s identity as Death.
The narrator’s diction on the page can be described as vain due to the fact he doesn’t need an introduction when the narrator says it is “not really necessary” (4). The narrator’s diction reveals that he has a methodical, stone cold personality that puts the narrator in a more superior position then the human race. Achieving
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Also, the race is revelatory to the characters because Rudy wants to show his affection and kiss Liesel. Liesel thinks her and Rudy are only friends while Rudy will be devoted to attract her in for a kiss.
As a parent explaining Rudy’s actions, I would tell him that your admiration for one athlete can be extremely exuberant but painting yourself his skin color in this time where prejudice of different people was very high, it clearly isn’t the smartest move. The itch in my heart is that it is morally wrong to paint yourself black and if you go that extreme with your admiration, Rudy can honestly be taken and have a higher chance to be killed by Nazi Germany.
Hans and Liesel are considered to be alike because they are both passionate and kind individuals and are non supporters of the Nazi party. Both were against the Nazi Party but Liesel couldn’t go under the radar like Hans could. Another difference between the two is that Hans had more integrity and honor buy purchasing his step-daughter a book while Liesel stole books.
Liesel most definitely could have trusted Rudy with the secret of having Max hidden in her basement. Rudy was clearly Liesel’s best friend and partner in crime when Liesel was doing her acts of thievery stealing the books from the mayor’s wife bookself. The devotion to Liesel Rudy also had was strong and I believe Liesel could have trusted Rudy.
Max is also a book thief and that makes more than one book thief. There is more than

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