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After reading the book, Think by Michael R. Legault I have a rather few ideas that I would like to spurt out about the particular argument Legault made in his book. So here are the next few things that you will be reading about as you continue reading my analysis. The first topic I am going to discuss is his connection he made to Blink within the book; secondly I want to discuss how your blink decisions can still be used for good and how our ideas actually relate in a sort of way. Then the last thing that I am going to touch base on is actually the support for Legault’s ideas and reasoning with his idea of thinking. To start off I want to discuss how Legault talks about my book, and well honestly he doesn’t discuss it in a truly negative or positive manner. When he discusses the book, he actually draws upon two different sections to focus on. These sections are when we discuss the Greek statue and the speed dating that takes place in the book. When discussing the Greek statue Legault makes the argument that almost every smart or critical thinker first uses intuition or in our case “a gut feeling” to help with solving a problem, but he says that most critical thinking doesn’t just stop there. He says the intuition actually leads us to study and think about the issue until we have fully solved it and came up with the right possibly answer. (Legault, Think p. 12) Legault goes farther and says that behind every snap judgment there are impressions formed by years of educated

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