The Book of Acts was written to provide a history of the early church. Acts emphasis the importance

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The Book of Acts was written to provide a history of the early church. Acts emphasis the importance of the day of Pentecost and being empowered to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ. Acts sheds light on the ministry gift of the Holy Spirit, which empowers, guides, teaches, and serves as our Counselor. When reading the Book of Acts many of the readers will be enlightened and encouraged by the many miracles that were being performed during this time by the disciples Peter, John, and Paul. The Book of Acts emphasizes the importance of obedience to God’s Word and the transformation that occurs as a result of knowing Christ. There are also many references to those that rejected the truth that the disciples preached about in Jesus Christ.…show more content…
People started to ask Peter and the other apostles what shall we do and Peter replied you must repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ asking for forgiveness of your sins. As Peter concluded addressing the crowd with proof that Jesus is the Messiah the savior whom God promises to save Jews from the adversity, 3,000 people where then baptized into the Christian community. As each day went on the people continued to be taught and praising God with joy and amazement of the apostles; which lead many more people to being saved. After Pentecost the disciples continued to worship in the Jews temple. Peter and John going up to the temple at the hour of prayer offering the evening sacrifice. At the gate called Beautiful they found a crippled beggar. Though neither Peter nor John had any money he gave something far more valuable: healing, and with it the ability to work and earn a living. When the healed man began walking, leaping, and praising God for the first time in his life the crowd came rushing together. Again Peter quickly seized the opportunity and preached his second sermon. After stating that it was divine power, not human, that had healed the man he proceeded to bring accusation against the assembled Jews. He charged them with killing the Prince of Life and asking a murderer (Barabbas) to be granted to them. As in his first sermon, Peter called on the people to repent, but this time his message was cut short
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