The Book of Ephesians is an Epistle Written by Paul

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Bible Dictionary Project Book The book of Ephesians is an epistle written by Paul to the church in Ephesus. It takes the form of a letter aimed at addressing the Christian congregation. Paul wrote the letter, along with several other epistles, while incarcerated in a Roman prison. With the assistance of Tychicus, Paul sent his letter to Ephesus, the capital of lesser Asia (Weber, 2000). Paul’s letter aims to expound on the critical role played by the church as a constituent of God’s plans. The church is presented as furthering God’s eternal purpose, with Christ as its head. With its comprehensive and insightful analysis, Ephesians offers further discourse on issues pertaining to Christ’s church as explained in other epistles. From Ephesians, Christians are also able to comprehend the dimensions of God’s grace. The epistle examines the greatness of God’s love, highlighting the privilege of a spiritual rebirth made possible by God’s grace (Weber, 2000). Paul also warns the Ephesus Christians against the false doctrines and misleading philosophy prevalent in Ephesus at the time (Ephesians 4:14 New International Version). Ephesians establishes the church’s place as a critical component in God’s divine plan and offers lessons on the workings of salvation and grace. Person Born in 6AD, John was an apostle and evangelist who authored the gospel of John, the three epistles of John as well as the Revelation according to John. As one of Christ’s 12 disciples, John extensively
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