Essay on The Book of Esther: Providence of Connection

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If the book of Esther could turn into a modern day movie the title could be called “Providence of Connection”. Why? Because it is shed’s light of how God’s chosen people were given retribution through Him by His divine protection from their enemies. The leading topic of Esther is deliverance of the Jews by Queen Esther. To describe Queen Esther let’s begin with her roots. She is a Jewish descendent whose cousin Mordecai raised her as his very own daughter. Her Jewish name was Hadassah. She was a young lady when King Xerxes decided he wanted another queen after his future wife to be; Vashti disgraced him publicly. The time was 518 B.C. Esther received favor from the King and was given preferential treatment. Verse 2:9; “He assigned to her…show more content…
(vs.3:8-9) The King instead requested for Haman to keep the money and gave him the authority to do as he pleases regarding the Jews. This is where the young Queen takes her role and changes the dynamics of the Jews and the history of Babylonian government. She is persuaded by her cousin Mordecai to help. Mordecai holds no bars by informing Esther that her life as well as all Jews on in danger because of the new decree sent out by Haman. He urges her to do something. Her heart turns to fasting and request for every Jew to fast with her for three days. It was on the third day that Esther’s request to see the King. She uses wisdom to in her speech to get the King and Haman to attend a very special banquet and then she makes her request known to Him. In the meantime, the King wanted to honor Mordecai for saving his life. So at the banquet he decides to have Haman to robe Mordecai as sign of honor but Haman wanted this honor himself. During the second day of the banquet the King request again for Queen Esther to state her request known to him. She speaks consciously and firmly to the King and asks for her life and her people. The king asks her who place her in danger as well as her people? At this moment, she was able to expose Haman. King Xerxes hangs him and saves the Jews of Susa. He builds respect from the Jews from this point on and Esther earns her right as woman of courage who saved the people of God.
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