The Book of Job

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The book of Job is a book that tells a story about a reach man who lived in Uz. The book is filled with the suffering of Job. Job was a righteous man who feared God but lost everything he has got including his health. And he suffered financially, relationship wise and also with different kinds of diseases. The author of the book then tried to show in a poetic dialogue the reaction of job himself and the reaction of his friends to the disaster. And in the last chapters we God communicate with Job.

“Job is the first of the poetic books in the Hebrew Bible.” Greater part of the book is filled with poetic style hence; the book of job is categorized under poetry or wisdom Literature along with the other four books known as wisdom Literature (Psalms, the Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, and Proverbs).

The author of the book is not known for sure until today but most argue that the author of the book is not Job rather, “some have suggested that the writer could be Moses, Solomon, or Elihu.”

There are different views regarding the real existence of Job. Some claim that Job is only a parable not a real person but there others who believe Job existed and I also believe that Job really existed. Because one; the book presents it as a real historical person and mentioned different things like place where he lived, the number of his children etc. Two: job in mention in both James and Ezekiel, in the former as a role model of patience and in the latter as a righteous
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