The Book of Joshua

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The passage that will be focused on will be Joshua 10:16-27. This passage begins with five Amorite Kings that are discovered and then trapped in a cave. The kings hide in a cave in Makkedah. Joshua finds where the kings are hiding and then proceeds to give instructions regarding what to do with the kings. They trap the kings in the cave. Joshua proceeds to tell his troops to continue fighting. Joshua and the Israelites defeat their enemies; there are few survivors left and the army returns to their leader, Joshua. Joshua then uses the defeat of the five kings as an object lesson for his commanders. They open the cave, in which the Kings are trapped in, the kings are than named and brought out to Joshua. Joshua summons the men of Israel and order to place their feet on the King’s neck. The commanders do so and Joshua tells his men, “Do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the LORD will do to all the enemies you are going to fight” (verse 25). The king’s bodies are then exposed on poles and are left there until evening. At sunset Joshua gave orders to take down the poles and throw them into the cave in which the kings were hiding. They then placed large rocks in front of the cave to which are there to do this day.

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