'The Book of Leviticus': An Overview

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Introduction The Bible is divided into two sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament. This paper mainly focuses on the Old Testament. The Old Testament has 39 books in total which is also subdivided into four categories namely; Pentateuch books (5 books), the historical books (12 books), the poetic books (5 books) and the prophetic books (17 books). The Old Testament books were written back in 1400 B.C. The Pentateuch books were written by Moses during his time in Canaan, while the other 34 books were also written by different authors at different stated time. The aim of this paper is therefore, to analyze the authorship, dating, content, outline, themes, and unique features of one book of the Old Testament, and the book chosen is the book of Leviticus. Leviticus is a law book which demonstrates the concerns of peoples' daily life. The book has got detailed rules that regulates the offering of the sacrifices, the tasks of priests, the sexual, the calendar of the liturgy, the dietary as well as, the economic practices the Israelites were practicing not forgetting the ritual and the moral holiness. The book of Leviticus manages to offer the children of the Israel, an instruction of how one can live to become part of Christ, people who are ever holy, "be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy" (19:2). In short, Leviticus offers the vision of being holy to God as it also issues a call to a living that is holy to those who are in a covenant with God. However the shape

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