The Book of Psalms Essay

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There are 150 psalms in the Book of Psalms that were written over the span of 800 years. Most of the Psalms written were made to be sung. There are two main genres of Psalms, which are laments and hymns. David is know to have written 73 psalms, Asaph wrote 12, the sons of Korah wrote 11, Solomon wrote 2, Moses wrote 1 and 50 are anonymous . Although 50 were anonymous, David was certainly the author of the majority of the Psalms.

The title of the Psalm is not always a direct indicator of who the author was because the preposition “of,” “to,” and “for”. They are all the same in Hebrew. For example, if the title of the psalm was “Psalm of David” it could have been a psalm that he wrote himself. It also could have been one that
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At this time in the ancient world a tent was used as God’s holy place, and this tent was located on the holy hill. The psalmist also asks in verse 1 who may go on the holy hill where the temple is located. It seems as though the psalmists would actually like to go to this holy place for themselves but is reserved about actually going because he knows that God has strict limitations as to who can actually enter the holy temple.

The next part of the psalm directly answers the two questions asked in verse 1. In verse 2 the David gives a general answer of the type of person that is able to dwell in God’s place. In later verses the psalmist goes on to describe in detail exactly what kind of person will be admitted into the temple located on Zion . Verse 2 states that the acceptable person is one who can walk blamelessly, do what is right, and a person who speaks the truth. This answer is very general, but it does a great job of explaining what kind of person can enter the temple. It does not mention that the person who wants to enter the temple has to be completely perfect. That is an important thing because no human is perfect and if it took perfection to worship in the temple, it would be an empty place. This answer to what kind of person may enter is just explaining that at the point of entrance into the temple it is necessary for all wrong doings to have been forgiven and all sins to have been repented of. No man can walk
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