The Book of Roman in the New Testament

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The Apostle Paul written the book of Roman of the New Testament on the date 56/57 AD from the Corinth city (Achaia , Greece), and address to the believers in Rome (Romans 1:7,15), during the reign of Nero, with a population at this time from one to four million, with notorious for perversion , debauchery, and immorality, include Nero, who was considered himself a lunatic, cruelty, and excessive life style. Probably at this time the church in Rome consisted of at least five household churches rather than one large church with Gentiles and Jews members, (Hindson &Towens,2013). In Romans 1-8, Paul teachings components of a worldview regarding the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture that explained to the Roman people, and definitely has been affected my own worldview. With respect to the natural of world, Romans 1:20 told us: God created the world; Romans 4:16 told us : He is the God of all people and all nations, (NIV). By Abraham, all nations came into existence, and salvation is available to all who believe in Christ and not by living under the Law or by our ways. Why the people chose to turn away from this, why has false idols and worship them, embrace sin and deserve death. Paul was fully convinced that God would be able to do what he had said. Paul explains that just as Abraham had faith in God’s promise, we should have faith and hope in God’s son, Jesus Christ, who was raised from the dead as the reconciliation of the
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