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Dylan Henry BIBL 110-D32 November 18, 2013 Biblical Worldview Essay The book of Romans is considered, by many in Christianity, to be the greatest book comprised in the Holy Bible. This is a very strong view to hold, considering the great details of Jesus and His ministry that are given in the book of Luke, the direct, to the point style of truth written by James, and the great lessons of faith in Hebrews. The other books in the New Testament are all great within themselves also but, Romans is very distinctive in itself. Written by the Apostle Paul, Romans can be viewed as the Christian Life handbook or the Christianity 101 manual. When we read Romans, we can see that Paul took every thought and possible counter thought by any…show more content…
He lets them know that there is no one that is without sin and stands guilty before God. Apart from being in a personal relationship with the Lord, the average person has always felt that they were a good person, or a morally good person that performs good deeds. Paul points out throughout the book that it is the saving faith in Christ Jesus’ virgin birth, death, burial and resurrection that saves our soul and not anything that we can or could do. With that faith, we are to live in the assurance that we are accepted by God and endowed with the power of the Holy Ghost to do, not just good but, godly works of righteousness, all by the motivation of love for Him. All the while, we are to understand that it is not the works that make us righteous but rather, our faith in Jesus. He points out that thinking we are saved by works is living under the Law, which is contrary to why God gave them the Law. Even though this is good news, Paul knew that not everyone viewed this as good. Of those that choose to reject the saving message of salvation in Christ Jesus consistently, he tells them that God turns that person over to the fulfillment of the shameful inclinations of their own mind. This is shown in chapter 1, beginning at verse 18. Because of the rejection of God, the human situation only gets more and more depraved. We descend to fulfilling our carnal, base cravings, and that is get involved in everything that

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