The Book of Songs

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The Warring States period was a time of inner turmoil and widespread chaos in China, in which independent rebel warlords seized land and power in the absence of a centralized authority. There existed a desperate need for a solution to effectively stop the interregional conflicts and establish order in China, and in pursuit of that goal arose the Hundred Schools of Thought. The three primary schools that were conceived during this ideological flourishing were Confucianism, Taoism, and Legalism. The principal tenets of Confucianism were illustrated in the Four Books (Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, Analects, and Mencius), classic texts that were selected by the scholar Zhuxi in the Song dynasty to provide a summary of Confucianism. …show more content…
They are separated into three sections based on their geographic origin (all of the poems are either from the feudal states of Zhou, Lu, or Shang). Although these were most likely “commissioned by the kings…to glorify the glory of the Chinese state”, they might have been included in the Book of Songs because of their emphasis on proper ritual and the respect for one’s ancestors, which is basically one of the core values of Confucianism. The Book of Songs was not only extensively studied by nobles who wanted to succeed in the civil service examinations and be assigned an government position, but was also revered by the common people for its manifestation of Confucian values. One of the principal reasons that it amassed such a high level of popularity was because it included a diverse range of works, from folk to court to religious songs, that each related in some way to the teachings of Confucius, therefore it also appealed to a broad spectrum of individuals, including the most noble of the royalty and the poorest of the farmers. Perhaps the best exemplification of the admiration the Chinese felt towards the Book of Songs is the writing of the numerous scholarly commentaries, including Confucius himself, “describing what could be known or
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