The Bookdock Saints : Moral Dilemma

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In the movie “The Bookdock Saints” there are many examples of moral dilemmas. The goal of this paper is to walk through most of them and explain how they relate to the underlying moral dilemma. Viewers of this movie are faced with a choice of whether to embrace the actions of the brothers or to condemn them which is not only the overall theme of the movie but also the moral dilemma that adds to the suspense of the movie. The movie opens to a violent crime scene where two Russian mobsters have been beat to death. We later find out that these two mobsters were beat by the two main characters of the movie, Connor and Murphy, who are brothers. The Russian mobsters had been humiliated by the brothers in a bar fight and followed the brothers to where they were staying only to be on the losing end once again. It is determined by the police that the brothers acted in self defense and they are allowed to go free. In the first couple scenes it is revealed that the main moral dilemma of the movie will be whether or not the brothers are justified in their actions. At first glance and in the eyes of the law the brothers are justified in their actions as self defense because the Russians came back after them. The Russians even went so far as to separate the brothers and tell on that they were going to kill the other and then come back for him. At this point anyone watching the movie would want the brothers to prevail over this evil but in an ethical light this situation is not so easy…

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