The Books On Course By Skip Downing And 7 Habits By Stephen Covey

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Writing is a skill most people acquire when they are young and develop those skills as they grow older over time. As children, we learn how to read and write when in elementary school. Our school teachers teach us how to write; the size, the style, and the format. The books On Course by Skip Downing and 7 Habits by Stephen Covey, they are doing something similar. They explain to us about different ways to be effective, and how to better those skills. Both of these authors cover many different topics covering most areas of our lives. They do go into detail about how we think, and how that affects our daily lives. I believe that the most important habits and topics these two books cover would be “Think Win-Win,” “Seek First To Understand, Than To Be Understood,” and then finally “Discovering Your Preferred Ways To Learning.” All these chapters throughout these two books stick out in my opinion, thus why I think they are the ones I want to share. I firmly believe that everyone should learn these few tips because it will benefit them greatly.
The first topic I want to mention is when Stephen R. Covey mentions the concept of “Think Win-Win.” The concept of thinking win-win means that it is a state of mind where you think of what benefits you and what benefits others. Covey mentions 6 different thinking paradigms in this chapter as well; Win/win, win/lose, lose/win, lose/lose, win, and win/win or no deal. He explains to us that ways of thinking and paradigms form who we are,

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