The Books Say Nothing !

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I disagree with Betty when he states "The books say nothing! Nothing you can teach or believe" because in the text and in reality books do not "say nothing", then they won 't have any words in them. But looking deep within the books, many individuals can acknowledge that books have many capabilities, such as the ability to reveal the truth to people. As Faber states in the text "Books has pores...the more pores, the more truthfully recorded details of life per square inch you can get on a sheet of paper". This statement illuminates that books are very significant because they are able to reveal the truth to a myriad of individuals with just words, but however individuals such as Betty believes that the "pores" of the books, of which …show more content…
Santiago later decides to go back home and give up. He considers selling the stones to pay for a trip back home. He asks the stones if he will find his treasure, but when he puts his hand in his pocket he realizes the stones have slipped through a hole and fallen to the ground. As he collects them, he remembers his promise to make his own decisions, and soon he resolves to continue his mission. This circumstance reveals that when enduring a goal, one must be prepared to have enough will power to face obstacles that will render them hopeless. Santiago demonstrates that to overcome your obstacles you have to have hope and the determination to go beyond of what you are capable of. Santiago teaches an individual to never lose sight of your destination/goal, even if it seems impossible. As long as an individual has hope and the motivation to achieve something; they can accomplish anything. Based on the knowledge an individual receives from the novel The Alchemist, which is to never give up, even when it seems hopeless. Betty is invalid about books because as many onlookers can visualize, The Alchemist provides an essential lesson and skill to an individual because if an entity as the intension of pursuing his/her goal; without the motivation to reach their destination, there is no point of even enduring the goal. Another reason why these skills are essential is because an individual must hope to endure his/her goal because what is to

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