The Booming Sex Industry Of Spain

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Samantha Betts
Sociology 300
April 30th 2015
Final Paper
“The Booming Sex Industry in Spain”

When looking at the issue of prostitution in Spain and the shear amount of people that are taken advantage of on a daily basis, whether it be sexually or not, it becomes vital to determine the cause. In exploring the booming prostitution industry in Spain the question is why is it so large? What are the reasons behind the growing number of prostitutes and brothels in this country? Are these rates due to economic, political, or cultural implications? The answer is yes, all of those aspects (economics, political, and cultural) play a role in the increasing number of prostitutes and brothel clientele in Spain. With the economy suffering greatly, many people are lefts with no money and on the streets, as a result prostitution may be the easiest route for economic mobility. That combined with the relatively new and simplified laws allowing divorce has created a new market of clientele on the hunt for sexual satisfaction. On top of it all, Spain has a cultural acceptance of the man stepping into a machismo role in relationships. By accepting machismo, men hold the power dynamic in relationships, and this can further be linked to acceptance of men abusing and sexually exploiting women. Finally, and most importantly, Spain has become a hot destination for sex tourism. Therefore sex trafficking into Spain and the exploitation of immigrants has become an issue that is
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