The Border Between Afghanistan And Pakistan

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I. Summary Due to the fact that the united states are sending more and more troops into Afghanistan which will lead to more deaths in the end. In broad terms we are invading there country. Men in Afghanistan serve the Taliban to drive foreign troops out of Afghanistan and often because they see their family being bombed so they want to retaliate. A big issue is the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan because it is not regulated well. On the other hand India has influence with Afghanistan which seems to project an image of owning or taking over Pakistan. The elite in Pakistan is corrupt, due to the simple fact that they do not care no one and no solution to the problem as long as they make money in the end. An interested fact mentioned is that in WW2 50,000 was spent on each troop to go to war, in Iraq spent 500,000 on each troop, and in Afghanistan spent 800,000 on each troop due to the rugged and mountainous terrain. Afghanistan is very rural with lots of mountains making it hard for bases to receive supplies. The U.S. are also paying to build roads and wells within the parameter of the base, which in the end is not reconstructing Afghanistan, one of the reasons we went to war. The war has a big social cost behind it. It weakens our economy by having tax payers pay for war with no better outcome. They also wanted to improve the lives of the women by giving them the opportunity to schooling but in the end caused them to be abducted and even raped. The majority of what
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