The Border Is A Fight Essay

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The border between the United States of America and Mexico always had been always a theme for a lot of discussions. And, in the book “Sunshine/Noir II” Juanita Lopez and Michael Cheno described, through texts, their point of view about the topic. Both authors represent that the control of the border has become way more restrict and militarized. In that sense, Michael Wickert presents his idea in a poem form, text named “The border Is a Fight”, that describes the dramas of a Mexican family that has to cross the border every day in a hope to get a better future. Whereas, Juanita Lopez demonstrates it through an essay that uses personal narratives of the author’s relatives to illustrate her point of view. Therefore, the both authors exploit their point of views using different text forms, and figurative images, like metaphors and personification, for delivering their ideas in the way they do. M.Wickert poem form approach gets more “close to the reader” then J.Lopez essay form. “The border Is a fight” transmits the ideas in a poem that almost sound like a music. The verses of the poem mix Spanish and English, and make the connection with the idea of someone that has to cross the border every day to try reaching a better life, so it reaches the “sensible” part of the reader. Also, the way Wickert repeats some of the words and conduct the poem is very interesting. On the other hand, J.Lopez use an essay form, which can make the text longer, and contain more details than the poem
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