The Border Of Our Communities And High Intensity Gang Areas

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Gangbuster Bill proposed to divide the territory of our communities in High Intensity Gang Areas. I will take the position of such a notorious sociologist , as Cohen.
Accordingly to Cohen, 'Not every act is a sucessful solution, (...) which may leave us with unresolved tensions” ( C0hen, ..P 2 )

However, the mapping of this problem can be somehow difficult, because, even if the areas will be divided there is no garanty, that gangs won 't move from the exsistents areas, and construct the new gangs ' communities there where previosly the territory was more or less free from gangs (clean). What that mean, that the control, in it 's physical meaning won 't bring efficients results, in contrary will contribute to the “High Intensity Gang Areas” spread over the new territories. The clean territories will be fast infectated. We will extend the ' social disorganization ' over ' gangs ' not-deseased spaces. This won 't only influence negatively the new neigborhood, which are the exsisting established without gangs communities by the different way, like a) put in danger the youngest of this area to become possible future adherants. b) the inhabitants who won 't accept to chare their community with gangs will move away, leaving their places for the gangs members. 3) this situation will seeds the fear and for example in the inhabitants won 't be comfortable like before to circulate into their communities.

Why should we by the way of tryal to eliminate the one problem (…
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