The, Born Or Not?

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Thoroughbreds, Born to Fail?
A swift swish of a tail, wild eyes showing white, a rider pushing forward with a whip into a metal cage. Guns sound as the clank of metal gates opening spook the horses into a frightened run. Thoroughbred horses go through this regimen every time they step onto the race track. Not to mention the other cruelties that these animals face, to ensure their success in crossing the finishing line. Controversy has trailed the animals who are pushed to their limits for the entertainment of humans, but has it gone too far? A Thoroughbred was not originally their own breed of horse, racing has its negativities, cruelty along with abuse have crept its way onto the racetrack, and there are organizations working to promote the wellbeing of Thoroughbred racehorses.
Race horses were bred to have stamina as well as their renowned speed. Thoroughbreds did not exist until the first one was bred as written in an Opposing Viewpoints in Context article, “...knights returning to western Europe from the Crusades brought with them speedy Arabian stallions, which were bred with English mares to create the line now called Thoroughbred. Thoroughbreds are fast, graceful runners and are identified by their height and long, slim legs” (Meyer). These animals have been bred throughout the years to become fragile, nervous, and consequently jumpy. Spending 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a 12 by 10-foot box stall generates a miserable animal. These horses are not allowed to be…
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