The Boston Bombing

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By researching the Boston bombings that took place on 15 April 2013, has led me to ask the question ‘why does it seem that more value is placed on a life in the US, than a life in a country where war and conflict occurs on a daily basis?’ The research of the literature, news items and articles that have been written in the days, weeks, months and years since the Boston bombings provide such detail to the point that the victims become a household name and we know everything about their lives, their family and where they were standing at the time the bombs were detonated. However, we know nothing about the 35 lives lost through a terrorist attack in Somalia the day before the Boston bombings, or the 22 lives lost in Pakistan on the day after the Boston bombings. I recognise that a terrorist attack in the US, has significant implications for the world from a security perspective, however it is a little difficult to understand how the Universal Declaration of Human Rights seems to mean different things for different people, in different countries. In New Zealand, the government takes the security of our country very seriously. We are a country with many entry points due to being…show more content…
Maybe it is time for the world to seriously stand back and examine our responses and reactions to events such as the Boston bombing and seek to understand more why the world seems to be less reactive to terrible and horrific events that are happening on a daily basis in countries such as Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan, which threatens the security, safety and freedom of so many men, women and children. I believe it is time for every death to
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