The Boston Celtics

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I decided to evaluate the organizational structure of the Boston Celtics, which is a professional basketball franchise whose team is a member of the NBA. The NBA is a professional basketball league in the United States and Canada that consist of 32 teams. I choose the Boston Celtics because it is one of the most recognizable franchises and logos in all professional sports. With 17 NBA championships, the most of any NBA franchise and unbelievable fan base from all over the world. The average fan that watches the NBA has no idea to the amount of money and organization management that is involved with these organizations and franchises. They are structured very meticulously, where every position is essential to winning, making money, and…show more content…
The other department is about sales and public relations. This is a business that depends on the consumers for support to cheer on a victory. That is why community support and involvement is a major part of the organizations success. The CFO or chief financial officer oversees three directors: a human resource director, senior director or controller, director of accounting, and all receptions. He or she is basically over day to day operations on the business side of the business; handling finical problems paying bills and overseeing the employees of the company. Another depart that helps and is on the same operational side of the franchise is the Operations and Information department. Which is ran by a vice president, that oversees; technology, operations, risk management, and has a staff accountant. The last major department is the Basketball Operations side of the franchise. This department is the reason the franchise is financially successful and the reason why people pay their money to cheer this organization. The Basketball Operations side of the company is run by a general manager or president. He or she oversees a scouting director. The scouting director oversees the scouting of new potential amateur and professional employees. The most important job for the head of basketball operations is hiring the right coach that will win. The coaching department is run by the head coach who hires assistants to help coach players. The Boston
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