The Boston Consulting Group ( Bcg )

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Introduction In 2009 The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) produced what is considered a standard on the Female Economy. The report asserts that women control $20 Trillion USD in annual consumer spending and that number could rise to $28 Trillion USD in the next five years. Their $13 Trillion USD earnings could reach $18 Trillion USD in the same period. These figures were broadly supported by the World Bank. They also make 88% of retail purchases, buy 53% of all stocks, 51% of all sports equipment, 66% of all PC’s, 51% of consumer electronics, 47% of hardware and home improvement materials, 81% of groceries, 75% of over-the-counter drugs, 90% of greeting cards, 94% of all home furnishings, 46% of men’s wear, 60% of flowers, 65% of cars, 80% of all health care, 88% of medical insurance and 60% of self help books and 4 out of 5 homes in America. Recently, Goldman Sachs considered that if all impediments and restrictions on women’s employment were to be removed tomorrow in the Western economies then the GDP of the Euro zone would rise by 13% and the GDP of USA by 9%. In spite of the huge market they represent, not all companies in recent times have been successful in fully recognizing their importance and reaching them. Many times they are treated as a niche segment at best or not recognized at all. Bad design choices and marketing campaigns based on prejudiced and old preconceived notions have led to many a well meaning products bite the dust in the market or perform way below
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