The Boston Consulting Group: an Analysis

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The Boston Consulting Group: An Analysis

In 1963 Bruce Henderson billed a total of $500 for his first month 's work at the Boston Consulting Group. Little did he know that over the next 40 years, his company of 1 employee in Boston would grow to more than 2,600 employees throughout 37 countries, together, generating over $1 billion a year in profit. Today, with 60 offices worldwide, the company is prospering beyond Henderson 's wildest dreams.
I selected this firm after seeing their list of areas of expertise. It was extensive. With almost 20 areas in which the firm specializes in, it was the last one on the list - travel and tourism - that caught my eye. I love to travel, and the thought crossed my mind that it must be interesting to
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None struck my interest, however, as did travel and tourism. My love for traveling led me to believe that perhaps consulting is something I could do in the industry. BCG works with the airline and hotel industries focusing their efforts on e-commerce. "BCG 's Travel and Tourism practice is dedicated to ensuring that our clients not only adapt to the changes spurred by e-commerce, but emerge as the companies leading the way" ( The notion of leadership, which the firm dedicates itself to, comes through here when talking about a specific industry. BCG notes the importance of companies taking advantage of challenges that arise. It is a way to gain influence over other companies who may feel threatened and do nothing about it. Whether it is issues related to e-commerce, costs, or distribution, BCG wants their clients to capture the aspect of leadership through different strategies. After researching a separate tourism consulting firm, Adventure Business Consultants, I found that the difference between the two was that, while BCG focused on leadership, ABC focused on marketing and profits. Although both firms ' focus is on success, the focus is in different areas. This is what sets BCG apart from other firms – the deeper insight into the area of focus rather than simply increased profits. Some interesting things I learned while researching this firm were, first, that BCG has what they call a "Strategy Institute" dedicated solely to the purpose of
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