The Boston Freedom Trail Essay

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Boston is one of the few cities in the US that offer an ultimate historical experience. With its fascinating architecture and chic yet peaceful urban environment, this city of wonders will surely entice every discriminating tourist. “Founded in 1630, Boston is one of America’s oldest cities… and is the largest city in New England. [Boston] is often referred to as the “Cradle of Liberty” for its role in instigating the American Revolution in the late 18th century” (Bunker Hill College: 2011). “With more than 12 million annual visitors from across the country and around the globe, indeed it would be interesting to discover how Boston, a city of cultural history, persuades the diverse needs and expectations of today’s tourists (City of …show more content…
Certainly, the main reason why it becomes part of the trail is because people with great contributions in the country like Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and the parents of Benjamin Franklin, are buried in that cemetery. But for people who never encountered the name Samuel Adams or Paul Revere, this place is just plots with dead bodies. Brief histories of famous personalities buried are displayed near the cemetery’s entrance; however, they are very nominal and someone who does not have background in American history would not understand. A Japanese tourist mentioned that perhaps they should also deliver these descriptions in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, which will be appropriate for the diverse races of international students and visitors in Boston. Nevertheless, the style and architecture of the granaries, in general, can also be considered as an American vintage. Thus, tourists who are not aware about the people buried in the cemetery might just settle taking pictures with the fascinating gravestones as their background.

The Old South Meeting House The Old South Meeting House is definitely one of the few assets wherein one can feel a different perspective. Entering the meetinghouse expose visitors to the highly refurbished establishment that features a written history and old artifacts of the famous tea party and some of Boston’s history. Any visitor with no acquired knowledge about the history of New England, just by reading and observing the artifacts, can

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