The Boston Massacre Essay

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The Boston Massacre was and is still a debatable Massacre. The event occurred on March 5, 1776. It involved the rope workers of the colonial Boston and two British regiments, the twenty-ninth and the fourteenth regiments. Eleven people were shot in the incident; five people were killed and the other six were merely wounded. The soldiers and the captain, Thomas Preston, were all put on trial. All were acquitted of charges of murder, however the two soldiers who fired first, Private Mathew Killroy, and Private William Montgomery, the two soldiers were guilty of manslaughter. The causes were numerous for this event. There had been a nation wide long-term dislike towards the British, and a growing hatred towards them by the people of Boston. …show more content…
The Loyal Nine did a little bit of a recruiting job before taking their actions to the streets. They got the north and south end gangs to unite and work for them. These two groups for years had taken place in a bloody battle each November fifth in order to celebrate Pope’s Day. The convincing of radicals like Sam Adams, to fight the tyranny of the English instead of each other, brought the groups together. The leader of the new united gang of northerners and southerners was Ebenezer MacIntosh, the previous leader of the south end gang. MacIntosh, a shoemaker, fought in the French and Indian war, and also had fought against poverty practically his whole life.
     The Stamp Act caused a number of riots to break out; the Loyal Nine and their gang conducted these riots. The first riot was directed toward Andrew Oliver, an aristocrat and a wealthy merchant. He was also the brother-in-law of the lieutenant governor of Boston, Thomas Hutchinson. Oliver, and others alike were to benefit from the Stamp Act. The Loyal nine hung an image of Oliver from the liberty tree. Bostonians awoke to this effigy on August 14, 1765. There was a sign on the doll, which read, “What greater joy did New England see/ Than a stampman hanging on a tree.” When night fell MacIntosh and his mob took the effigy of Oliver down from the tree, and went down to the docks and dismantled the building, which they thought would be the center of
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