The Bowler Man Essay

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“The Bowler Man: From Hoboing to Three-Piece Suits”

From “hoboing” to three-piece suits, an African-American elderly man knows that education has no limits. In the 1940s, as a child, he tries to escape poverty by hopping from train to train. Avoiding authorities, he did not want to return to sharecropping in the South. He quit school at an early age and functioned by using his wit, but knew that he needed to further his formal education, too. Dressed in a three-piece suit, tie, and bowler hat, he cleared his throat before introducing himself at the Tyler Adult Education Program. Then, he gives his name, shares his life experiences, and explains why he has come to the center. “Steven Hall is my name,” he says, and continues
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On his father’s map, he traced destinations with his fingertips pointing west, north, and east. Anyway, the chid had difficulty reading the map and was not sure about key markers. Still, Stevie envisioned a new world filled with adventures and opportunities despite his limited formal education. Realizing that his life offered him little more than sharecropping, Stevie decided to hitch a ride on the B & B Railway going North. For moths, he practice running beside numerous compartments and jumping on, exhausted yet satisfied with his feat. However, he always got off and returned home, until one day when he chose to make a move and not look back. It was his ticket out of the fields. “My family lived on the Branden Farm for generations, but they were only able to scrape by. There was no way of getting out of debt,” he said. He notice how his father’s back became bowed and his mother’s hands ached and swelled from picking cotton. His older siblings were also starting to show sign of being physically spent. The boy realized that his baby sister would eventually follow along in their footsteps. If he had any choice in the matter, Stevie’s life was going to be different than his family’s, and even though he did not have much formal education he still had a desire to return to school. When Stevie decided to hop a train, he wanted it to take him to another kind of world. While
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