The Box: How Czar Changed My Life

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Type your answer in this box. Ever since I moved from San Jose I knew my life would change forever. I moved to Temecula California only for a temporary time. We stayed with my moms friends for a while, her name was Vhergie, she was a kind person, she has 3 little kids and a boyfriend. The first couple of weeks were pretty good, I got the know the kids a bit more, talk to auntie Vhergie, and even her boyfriend Czar. We got to know the place of Temecula very well and adapted to it.

But sometimes not all things went well. Later on through the months I was finding out that the family was all not too well. The kids were acting very inappropriate, the boyfriend gambles a lot, and Vhrgire doesn't really have time for the whole family.
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I work my butt off to make the house clean after the kids destroyed it playing in house soccer, and washing all the dishes. My mother even felt sorry for the kids that they have to go through a family like this. We once got them food since Czar didn?t feed them and they ate a lot, like they haven?t ate for hours. Even typing this now makes me wonder if they are ok out there, but I hope they become someone good. I hope that Czar changes into a better man. I think the real problem is that the parents doesn't really have time for the kids. She?s at work all day and even at home making phone calls, and Czar is just sleeping. But we never tell them to do anything about it, one day they will realize, but those kids are lucky that we are there. Although only for a…show more content…
One day me and my mom went to the mall for a little bonding time, when we got back the house was a mess. No surprise. But things like glass on the stairs was destroyed. The kids informed me that they were fighting on the stairs throwing stuff at each other. It suck that the kids have to go through this at such a young age. I went through this many times in my life and hate to see it happen to someone else. Sometimes I wish I can help out in a different way, like emotionally. The problem is I don?t understand what is really going on. Even when we live with each other as friends, there are boundaries. Brick walls that surround me and my mom between them, the whole family. Czar and Vhergie also got another fight at a casino. My mom and her friend Gynea were supposed to hangout and have dinner, and I?m pretty sure Czar did something to ruin that for her because she didn?t want to go out because she was feeling ?sick.? I know she wasn't sick because she was fine when we got to the hotel, and she was making excuses that ? If you really wanted to hang out you should have said early.? or some stuff like that, all I know is that she was
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