The Box Man Essay

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Meaning 1. This essay implies to the reader that loneliness isn’t always a vile thing. The author compares somebody who has absolutely nothing in life but enjoys the solitude, to people who roam through life alone, seeking for company—but never find it. The author compares the chosen lifestyle of the box man, to the undesired for loneliness of the victims. The author explains that although one may be poor and alone, it does not mean that one is unhappy. For example, in paragraph 12 it is explained that the mayor has offered him help, but the box man pushes it away. In paragraph 18 it is described how the box man enjoys his dark life. It is portrayed that life is a solo journey and that one may be much more miserable by going through…show more content…
These assumptions are proven when the author mentions all the different stages of the quest before finally realizing that it is all to be wasted away in the second half of your life. Method and Structure 1. The author uses rhetorical devices in her essay to develop the main idea throughout the paragraphs. She explains her feelings towards loneliness by using allusions and anecdotes. Fox example, she brings up a memory in her past. The boxcar children would be an example of an allusion.(Par 9) These methods all eventually lead up to the author’s point of view, and the main idea of course. 2. The way the essay is organized helps the reader understand the purpose of the essay much better. The author begins by telling a story, and the reader has no idea what the meaning is. The author continues telling stories, and then it all leads up to the author’s point of view on loneliness. Language 1. The author’s main idea and purposes are revealed by a series of anecdotes and allusions. The author gets very personal about the subject, as if she was going through the realization herself. You can see her opinion by the way she refers to certain things. For example, the author brings up an old memory from her childhood in paragraph nine. When she is describing the boxcar children, the words she uses are almost as if they were too

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