The Box Of Sign Short Story

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The Box of Signs Bang, Thunder rumbles in the house. I’m sitting on the couch in torn jean overalls and my black plaid shirt. Mom and Dad are arguing. They can never get along. Why did they get married in first place? I guess I will never know. This time they’re arguing about grandma and if she should move in. The reason this is happening is because grandpa was killed in a plane crash a week ago. Grandma then called mom and asked if she could stay. They’ve been saying stuff like, “Give me three good reason she should stay!” “ Just let her stay.” “FINE! Call here and tell her to move in.” It’s the next week and it’s still raining. Grandma moved in. She has her suitcase, a pillow, and a blanket. She said she took the bus and she never wants to do that again. Mom gave her the bed in my room and told me to get a air mattress and make a bed on the ground. So, that's what I did. Grandma comes in about five minutes later. She starts…show more content…
The box had a latch that was rusted. I asked dad what it was and he said “ Don’t open that box. The symbols say hide at all cost!” After that I took the box upstairs in my room. My thoughts said don't open the box but, I had too. The latch was hard but, I pried it open. Inside it had three symbols that were a plane, a plane falling, and a skull. I was confused but then I realized it meant a plane crash was going to happen. Later that night, I wean't to bed kinda worried. I Didn't want to show it though. I fell asleep and the next thing I know the thunder was rumbling and I heard a whirling of a plane engine. It was getting louder and louder. Then, BANG. The whole house shook and we all rushed outside. We saw a plane crashed in the front yard. The plane was on fire and everything was let up. We heard tons of moaning and groaning. We were devastated. Then we heard and saw some metal moving. A older man came out without a scratch. Grandma then said “ Richard is that
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