The Box With Funnel Design

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Figure 8. Selected Primary Design. After careful analysis the "Box with Funnel" design was selected as the primary design. This design consists of a magazine box with a spring loading mechanism and a slider arm with a magnet on the end of it. Inside the magazine box there is a spring attached to a plate that will push the nails to the front of the box. At the front of the box there is a slanted wall that is designed to funnel all of the nails to the opening. At the opening there is a trap door mechanism that will open when the slider arm is slid back. The user positions their hand so that their thumb rests on the slider bar and they can use their thumb to move the slider bar and magnet toward the opening. When the magnet reaches the…show more content…
These parts will be created using machine processing. Each of these parts can be made for $1.02, $0.76, $0.76, and $0.11 respectively. The three plastic pieces can be manufactured at a total cost of $3.17. The “Main Box” is $1.85, the “Box Lid” is $0.89, and the “Push Platform” is $0.43. These parts will all be manufactured using an injection mold process. For all custom parts a $60 per hour wage was assumed for labor. The remaining purchased parts are from McMaster-Carr. The purchased parts consist of one 0.25" zinc-plated steel spring, one 2.188" steel spring, and a 0.25"x0.25" neodymium magnet. These prices were determined using 25 percent of the retail price and came out to be a total of $0.82. The sub-assemblies consist of the “Magnetic Slider Arm”, “Magazine Box”, and “Trap Door”. The cost of the magnetic slider arm assembly is $0.03 because it was assumed that it would be completely automated and it only requires attaching the magnet to the slider bar. The magazine box assembly requires the spring and push platform to be attached and mounted in the main body and the lid to be attached. We estimated this would cost about $0.75. The last sub-assembly is estimated to cost $0.20. This assembly requires the jaw flaps to be put together with the hinge pin. Lastly, the final assembly, which consists of attaching the slider arm to the magazine box and placing the trap door inside the magazine box, will cost $1.00. The total assembly cost came out to be $1.98.
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