The Boxer Rebellion Was A Patriotic Movement Against Imperialism And Feudalism Essay

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“The Boxer Rebellion was a patriotic movement against imperialism and feudalism.” The sound of my middle school history teacher’s emphasis on Boxer Rebellion before the exam still lingered around my ears, and it interested me to learn more about this subject. With more and more researches and readings, I found that multiple China’s religious beliefs were employed, including buddhism, taoism, and other pre-existing beliefs. The Boxers took advantage of innocent Chinese people by manipulating these religious views to recruit more followers and expand their influence, and China’s religious views became the Boxers’ ideological weapons which they wielded during their uprising. Under this religious fanaticism, boxers were able to boost their morale and confidence in fighting against foreign powers, however,it also led to thousands of boxers dying in vain and the slaughter of missionaries and the Chinese whom had been converted by those missionaries.
From the First and the Second Opium War to the Sino-Japanese War, China was a piece of pie that every imperialist country wanted to take a bite. Both Western powers and Japan had forced China signed numerous inequality treaties. Every time Chinese people tried to resist these foreign powers, there would be more humiliated terms on the treaties and larger amount of reparation awaited. After defeated by British in the First Opium War, the Qing dynasty had to accept the Treaty of Nanjing, which China paid British an indemnity, ceded
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