The Boxwood Bushes: Short Story Essay

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As Denver waited for Beloved, who waited for Sethe, she caught sight of the boxwood bushes through the window. The hideaway of her childhood was now covered underneath feet of snow. The sun long gone. The light of the moon was alive, dancing around the ice. Magical, Denver thought. Just like a dream. As her eyes dozed off, she was brought back to a time years ago. A time before Howard and Buglar left, before Baby Suggs died, before Beloved arrived. Denver was seven when her brother saved her. The winter was harsh. Snow covered everything in sight. Denver had gone to her secret room made up of five boxwood bushes when it happened. It was cold, but she didn’t care. Her kitchen was full of chaos. Food was thrown on the floor,…show more content…
Nothing helped. She prayed. Denver prayed harder than she ever did before. Her lungs burned from the decrease in air. She yelled and screamed, but her efforts were muffled by the snow. Every part of her was cold. When she started giving up hope, a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her up. “You alright?” Buglar asked as he brushed her off. He wiped blood from her nose. Denver took a deep breath and tried to stop the tears. “Yeah, I’m good.” She said as she buried her face into his warm jacket. He carried her into the house and sat her by the fire. Her nose was broken from her fall, but Sethe said it would heal fast enough. Denver was just glad she didn’t die in the dark and cold, surrounded by trees and snow. A month after that, she stayed away from her sanctuary in the boxwoods. She couldn’t even look their way, scared they would throw more snow on her. Denver laughed. She remembered how Buglar later told her she was only covered in about two inches of snow. She had thought she was under maybe two feet of snow. Or at least that’s how it felt at the time. She could still feel her burned throat and lungs as they tried to find air through the snow that surrounded her face. “Denver, what are you doing?” Sethe asked as she put the food from the restaurant on the table. Beloved and Paul D were behind her. “Just waiting for you, Ma’am.” She replied. Sethe smiled. “Well, why don’t you help me warm this food
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