The Boy Descended From The Rooftops Coughing And Covered Of Soot

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The boy descended from the rooftops coughing and covered in soot. No one acknowledged that they were there and no one cared either. They were all focused on themselves and their families. Fernando knew that no help would be found here. The boy needed to rest for a bit, so he went over to find some shade on the other side of town. He settled towards a nice and big palm tree. He put Mia down right next to him and asked,” Any words yet?” Mia stared at him like she had no idea what he was talking about. With a sense of disappointment he then laid back and stared up at the sky. The entire time he was wondering what his parents were doing and what they would think of him when they saw him and his sister. He decided to sit down, relax,…show more content…
Fernando liked to go real deep because he was a really good swimmer. He went out until he couldn’t reach the bottom anymore. He cleansed himself from all the dirt and sweat with the passing waves. He then got out of the water and grabbed Mia by the hand. “It’s getting late,” He said to himself and then continued, “ Papa and mama will be so mad when they see what happened.” he then decided to walk back towards the remains of his home to wait for his parents. He then grabbed Mia and picked her up and headed towards the palm tree to grab what they needed and then left.
They got to the remains of his home and waited for his parents while it was lightly drizzling. His parents weren’t there yet. Fernando said,” Where papa and mama, they should be home by now. He saw that the Police were still there discussing. One officer walked up to Fernando and said,
“We found out that today’s fire wasn’t an accident, but an Arson.”
Fernando stood there with confusion in his eyes. He didn’t understand why someone would do that. The rain started to pick up intensity. The officer then looked at him and asked,
“What apartment number did you live in?” Fernando then replied,
“306 sir.” The officer looked at him in disbelief and put his hand on his shoulder. With a mumble in his voice he said,
“Oh I’m really sorry, He was a good man.” The boy looked at the officer and said,
“Who are you

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