The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Essay Friendship

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The Unbeatable Friendship Companions tie individuals in a power of profound devotion, common trust, comprehension and faithfulness. It is a common union in which individuals expect magnanimous support and inspiration from their companions. The bond can be in any case, only continue if the companions are there for each other despite how great or terrible the circumstances may be. True friends remain with you until the end. In John Boyne 's novel, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, set amid World War II, takes after the excursion of Bruno an average nine-year-old German kid who moves to Auschwitz because of his father’s employment as a Nazi commandant. In Auschwitz, Bruno becomes a close acquaintance with a kid named Shmuel, who is an…show more content…
After that day, Bruno goes to the forest every day to find Shmuel. One day, Bruno saw Shmuel in his house polishing the glasses for his father’s birthday. He holds Shmuel’s hand and said "Our hands, they 're so different. Look!"(167). When Bruno holds Shmuel’s hands, immediately he noticed the differences between them. One is healthy, fat hands but certainly not fat for a nine year old and the other hands just talk about other stories,that is about how hard of a Jewish people at Auschwitz.At Auschwitz,Jews live in a really rough living condition,they need to live in a confined space.Despite their visible differences, Bruno still accepts Shmuel as a friend. However, although they accept each other’s different physical features, but there are more struggles waiting in this friendship. The second struggle in Bruno 's and Shmuel’s friendship is their need to overcome their differences in the family background. One day, Bruno decided to talk about how they came to be in Auschwitz. When Shmuel starts talking about how he got here.He said that, “The train was horrible," said Shmuel. There were too many of us in the carriages for one thing. And there was no air to breathe.” “That 's because you all crowded onto one train,”said Bruno.... “When we came here, there was another one on the other side of the platform, but no one seemed to see it. That was the one we got.” (129-130). When Bruno talks about
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