The Boy, the Girl, the Fairy Captain, and the Hermits Essay

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*LEADERSHIP & ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR MBA 610 Pr. Dan Yates, Ph.D Makhtar Sagna, MBA Candidate T HE B OY , T HE G IRL , T HE F ERRY C APTAIN , A ND THE H ERMITS Case 1 QUESTIONS 1. List in order the characters in this story that you like, from most to least. What values governed your choices? 2. Rate the characters on their level of moral development. Explain. 3. Evaluate each character's level of courage. Discuss. The Leadership Experience: University of Findlay Edition 9/23/2012 9/23/2012 The Boy, the Girl, the Ferry Captain, and the Hermits Case 1 There was an island, and on this island there lived a girl. A short distance away there was another island, and on this island there lived a boy. The boy and…show more content…
I have no choice but to have empathy for a young lady although in my opinion I certainly feel that she still had the opportunity to make the right choice at some point and that she is equally responsible for what happened to her. Her mind is profoundly filled with ambiguity when it comes down to ethics, loyalty, and doing the right thing. #5           Corruption Dishonesty Self-interest Unfairness Deceptiveness Indecency Abuse Exploitation Crudeness Repulsiveness He is very despicable and there is nothing to like about him. He is the embodiment of immorality, indecency and ethical disgust.       Cowardice Selfishness Self-Centeredness Coldness Indifference & lack of Transparency Laziness Not really likeable either. He represents selfishness, coldness, and cowardice. He has no telling courage and not willing to help anyone.         Personal Courage Mindfulness Trustworthiness Conscientiousness Empathy Servant Leadership Active/reflective Listening Adaptability to a situation He is the most likeable for being very nice to the girl and for doing everything that is in his power to help someone in need. He did it unselfishly and his

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