The Boys In The Boat Essay

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Hello! I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. This summer I read The Boys in The Boat, and I liked it very much. I especially loved how the author used George Pocock’s quotes at the very start of each chapter and how thoroughly the author was in writing this book. I also loved how he incorporated important events happening in Germany throughout his chapters as well. Overall, I found the book to be packed with lots of information and facts, so I had ended up taking a long time to finish the book. However, as I was reading, I thought of my band class that I took during freshman year and how Daniel James Brown’s description of determination, teamwork, and unity is related to our class’s discussion about being successful as a band. In…show more content…
For Joe, he had to constantly juggle many different things in his life. From abandonment to being poor and struggling to get by day by day during the Great Depression, he was still determined to see everything to the very end. He kept not only his academic grades up, but also his physical shape in order to continue being on the crew. It was his determination that lead him and his team to success in Berlin. This applies to my band class because it takes determination to be good at what you do-- be it handling an oar or playing an instrument. The same goes for being a part of a band and sounding good as a whole. This gives yet another reason why band students should read The Boys in the Boat. Being determined to practice and get better at what an individual or a group does opens up all sorts of opportunities in their lives, thus leaving doors open to success. In conclusion, everyone in a band must have these qualities in order to make the band operate successfully and sound great. Having determination can take one far as an instrument player-- but as a band with great teamwork, it can take one even further. The same applies to being an oarsman and being a part of a successful crew, such as the crew in the book. I hope you will consider taking up and reading The Boys in the Boat for this year’s band class. I would enjoy talking to you and your students about this
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