Essay The Boys Versus Corporate

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1. Describe the culture for race car drives. Race car drivers of course accept a lot of risk when they compete in a race, and believe that in order to succeed they must take risks. Some risks include crashes with other vehicles and possible loss of life, either from crashing their cars into into the other vehicles, inanimate objects, or other people, as with the death of Kevin Ward Jr. (Daft /

At the same time, race car drivers receive an adrenaline rush from racing. They receive this rush from the super-fast speeds, and pushing themselves and their cars to the edge. (Daft)

2. How does NASCAR show social responsibility? Many companies have started focusing on social issues, and NASCAR is no different. Since
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4. How can the NASCAR organization, team, and sponsors work through issues of ethics and values to create a unified culture? Often those who aren’t at the front lines don’t understand the issues being faced. The corporation must first understand the safety concerns the drivers face, and validate those concerns as legitimate. That would go a very long way to helping the drivers feel better about the corporation. Next, the corporation should scale back its qualifying all-cars against the clock decision. While exciting for the fans, the same action can be felt with fewer cars. The corporation should also find a way to work with the drivers so they know they are more than just assets to the company; they are actual people and are risking their lives for the corporation’s profit. I think once the relationship is mended between the corporation and the drivers, many of the other issues will fix themselves.

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