The Bp Oil Spill Crisis

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When presented with this project during class, my group and I knew it would be a challenge, but knew with the right topic we could easily overcome the challenge. We thought long and hard about what topic we wanted to research. It had to be something that was interesting, impactful and well known. We thought of controversial topics, headliner news stories, and topics with familiarity. In the end, we chose to use British Petroleum’s (BP) Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast during 2010. The BP Oil Spill was a crisis and the BP company responded to the event with socially responsible leadership style. We ultimately chose it because it was interesting. When it came to research, we all tried to find different articles on our own to get some general knowledge on the spill. On the first day, we tried to compare our findings to make sure everyone had a basic understanding of the BP Oil Spill. Then, we all did our research individually. When we met back up we shared about our findings and shared our resources. Then Matt created a PowerPoint and shared it with all of us and included all the awesome links that he found. Several of the links he included were also discovered by other members of the group. He As far as the presentation goes, we divided up the different requirements equally and agreed that we could work on it at our own pace, since we all have access to it. We also created a group message so we could communicate with each other. If we had a question about something we just sent

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