The Brain And Different Disorders Involving Children

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All three articles are about the brain and different disorders involving children. Each article has four participants. I chose to do stress and how it disrupts your sleep for six weeks. Once the six weeks is up I am going to use a stress ball and see if it helps with sleep patterns. These articles have to do with the function of the brain and I am going to be focusing on how stress alternates my sleep with or without a stress ball.
Several experts have used the SSRD in their study. Slifer, Koontz, and Cataldo (2002) conducted a study to examine “Operant techniques on four children who have behavioral and developmental diagnosis.” “Studies of the brain structure in children and individuals with developmental disabilities”. Magnetic
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Several experts have used the SSRD in their study. The article by Smith and Churchhill (2002) conducted a study to examine “Behavioral disorders demonstrated as functional analysis, on four participants who have behavioral disorders.” Identifying environmental determinants, and other behavioral disorders can be demonstrated as functional analysis. Assessing behaviors involves a systematic manipulation of antecedents and consequent variables. Risks associated with behavior are currently present during this assessment, and it may not be possible to conduct functional analyses if the problem simply is not allowed to occur. Several methods of variations of basic analysis might address certain limitations, and reducing risks during procedures that is limited time on the assessment. Studies show that using an brief assessment sometimes reveal’s variables associated with problem behaviors. The longer the assessment the more often you clarify initial assessment results. In the Derby study 79 participants maintained behavioral problems and only 37 identified to actually having problem behaviors. Data like the Derby study shows us 6 participants out of 20 differentiated participants, during the first initial phase of the assessment of the Vollmer study. A second potential method of reducing risk during analyses is to use protective equipment during sessions. Outcomes of analyses with protective equipment that does not match the analyses
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