The Brain And Its Effects On Human Brain

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The brain has four main structures; the Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Limbic System, and the Brain Stem. The Cerebrum, also known as the Cerebral Cortex, is the largest part of the human brain. It is divided into four parts that are called “lobes”: there 's the frontal lobe which is linked with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, emotions, and problem solving- the parietal lobe which is linked to movement, orientation, and recognitions- the occipital lobe which is linked to visual processing like object and spatial recognition, and the fourth one which is the temporal lobe that is linked to the perception and recognition of memory, speech, and sounds. The Cerebellum, also known as the “little brain”, is linked to coordination, movement, posture, and balance. The limbic system usually referred to as the “emotional brain” is located inside the cerebrum and it is tied onto our emotions and more importantly, our survival mode. Lastly, there is the brain stem that is in charge of basic life functions like breathings, our heart beating, and blood pressure. All of these four brain functions have key important roles on our everyday lives, but is there anything that can affect them? The brain happens to actually be affected by many things, either from accidents, or emotional pain that leads to depression, the brain grows differently depending on its external stimuli, and a great example of this would be music. Music activates many parts of our brain that not only affect our movement,

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